03 Temmuz 2024 / 22:28


1) Why art?

Art allows me to explore and express emotions, ideas, and stories. It serves as a powerful tool for connection, empathy, and change, inspiring people to see the world from different perspectives and to think critically about their surroundings.

2) How would you describe your art in five words?

My art is: Evocative, Expressive, Reflective, Immersive, Innovative.

3) If your works could talk, what would they say to the audience?

If my works could talk, they would invite you to embrace the present moment, to explore the notion of the ‘Now’ as the most precious thing, for it is the only thing that truly exists. They will challenge your attachment to permanence and will highlight the idea that the only constant in life is change.

4) Do you have an unforgettable moment in your artistic life?

Being an artist has been a constant adventure, allowing me to create, travel, and experience the world in unique ways. I've met incredible people through my art, each interaction enriching my journey and inspiring my work further. These experiences collectively make my life as an artist unforgettable and deeply fulfilling.

5) Do you have any strange obsessions?

I love collecting little nature objects from places where I've had a special connection. These objects, whether they are pieces of driftwood, stones, or sea glass, hold memories and inspiration for my work. I love to handwrite ideas and quotes, so I always have to have a notebook and a pen handy wherever I am.

+1 Why Artopol?

Artopol Art Gallery aligns perfectly with my vision and values as an artist. The gallery has a reputation for showcasing innovative and thought-provoking works, which resonates with my desire to push boundaries and explore new concepts in art. Their commitment to promoting both emerging and established artists creates a vibrant and diverse community, making it an ideal place for my work to thrive and reach a broader audience.