10 Haziran 2024 / 10:20



1) Why art?

It wasn’t a voluntary choice. It came about as a necessity (of being), when I was around four or five years old, while playing with my Nani (the term given to my maternal grandmother in Indian culture).

I associated art with love and care.

Throughout my development, I realize that the art that has always accompanied me has served as a daily record of my life.

2) How would you describe your art in 5 words?

Conscious, Impactful, Intentional, Free, Dissonant

3) If your artworks could talk, what would they say to the audience?

Art is an extension of childhood, where we play for real (and the intentionality of the work produced is based on the premise of social awareness and responsibility).

4) Do you have an unforgettable memory in your artistic life?

I remember an exhibition outside my country, where I was struck by the surprised looks on the faces of those who saw my work, but even more so because I was asked if my technique had been led and influenced by the London academy, which is not the case in that or any other.

In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of times that question has made me want to give up running on my artistic path, but I don’t know how to do that.

It also asked me how I did it. The formula is to live, intuit, dream and feel.

5) Do you have any strange obsessions?

I compulsively consume art.

+1 Why artopol?

Because I am highly committed to crossing my work with those who also have a contemporary artistic vision, made with intentionality, attentive to detail and available for dynamic approaches, together with the desire to discover cultural markets different from my own.